Projeto: Tracy-TD

Gerência de Dívidas Técnicas Orientada a Negócios
Status: ATIVO -- Desde: 01/02/2017

In this project, we develop a business-driven technical debt management approach to identify, monitor, and prioritize technical debt. The approach requires a structured view of the business value systems and products generated for the company and its customers. We are also working on a tool (Tracy-TD) that helps in this process.

Our business-driven approach is being validated (all of its concepts, rules, and information are being tested) in the industry. Our goal is to ensure that business-driven prioritization is compatible with business interests. From the proposed approach, it is possible to identify the technical debt items with the most significant potential for business impact. The information can help the decision-making of both business and technical stakeholders. It is possible to answer questions such as: what technical debt items can affect the company’s core business? What items can affect a specific customer? What items can impact a strategic objective? Which elements of the systems are most affected by technical debt? Which items affect each service, server, database, and module of my products?